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About The Lacet Lamps

Our mission is to provide opportunities for everyone to have exquisite ambient lighting by their bedsides. Whether it’s to help you sleep, to help you read before sleeping, or to improve the mood of your bedroom, we have you covered. You can find a lamp you’ll love here at The Lacet Lamps.

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Our Story

Hello! My name is Kodiak Brown, founder of The Lacet Lamps. I have always had a passion for good lighting all around my house. in particular, I adore bedside lamps that give off a comforting, relaxing mood to the bedroom. It helps me sleep better each night.

I’d like you to have the same privilege. Which is why at The Lacet Lamps, we give you a range of lamps in various shapes and sizes at affordable prices. Get that perfect bedside mood with a nifty lamp.

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